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Real Toy Gun: HALLOW-CLEAN! PART 1 by Monte Richard

Thursday, October 25, 2012

HALLOW-CLEAN! PART 1 by Monte Richard

Today is the start of a ten page epic that will end next Wednesday, Halloween. Five whole authors dabbed their pens in the Realtoygun ink well for this one. Pages one and two are by that Monte Richard guy today. Tomorrow, pages three and four are by this Jocko Thomas guy. Monday, 5 and 6, Big Bertha. Tuesday, 7 and 8, by Antonio Zardoz. Then finally, on Halloween, the neat and tidy ending by JimC. 

You might wanna wait until Antonio posts one of 'em on Monday for the original comic info. He did the smash and grab, I'm just the getaway driver.

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